Tender Care Animal Hospital has all the veterinary services you need to keep your pet healthy and happy, from annual checkups to dental care, internal medicine and urgent care.

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Vaccinations & Prevention

Prevent many common conditions, diseases and disorders with vaccinations.

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Routine Exams

Prioritize your pet's health, disease prevention and treatment with regular checkups.

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Internal Medicine

Get diagnosis and treatments for a range of internal conditions, disorders or diseases.

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Contact us for immediate emergency and urgent veterinary care.

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Dental Care

Bring your pet in for complete dental care, from cleanings to dental surgeries.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Encourage healing with cold laser therapy treatments to help relieve muscle and joint pain.

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Senior Pet Care

Preserve your senior pet's health with physical exams and proactive treatment.

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Puppies & Kittens

The highest quality of veterinary care and guidance during your puppy or kitten's first year of life.

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Small Mammals

We provide comprehensive medical and preventive care for small mammals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. 

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  • Pet Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

    With routine pet vaccinations and parasite prevention, our Weldon Spring veterinarians can help you protect your cat or dog from a wide range of serious diseases and disorders. Request Appointment Cat & Dog Vaccinations We focus on preventive care at Tender Care Animal Hospital to keep common diseases and disorders from developing i...
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  • Small Mammals

    At Tender Care Animal Hospital in Weldon Spring, our vets treat small mammals including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rats. Request Appointment Quality Care for Small Exotic Pets Rabbits, rats, ferrets, hamsters, and other small mammals have become popular pets as increasing numbers of pet owners come to understand the unique bond t...
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  • Cat & Dog Wellness Exams

    Our veterinarians at Tender Care Animal Hospital focus on preventive care for your dog or cat during routine exams. These regular examinations are pet checkups that ensure your pet's health. Request Appointment  The Importance of Preventive Care Wellness exams are critical to helping your pet maintain good long-term physical health.  Combine...
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  • Veterinary Internal Medicine

    From immune system problems to brain disorders, our Weldon Spring veterinarians diagnose and treat a wide range of veterinary internal medicine conditions in cats and dogs. Request Appointment Diagnosis & Treatment of Internal Conditions The treatment of diseases and disorders of the internal systems of animals is the focu...
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  • Emergency Veterinary Care

    Tender Care Animal Hospital provides emergency and urgent veterinary care for cats and dogs in Weldon Spring and the St. Charles area during our regular clinic hours. (636) 922-3360 Daytime Emergency Care Contact Tender Care Animal Hospital OPEN:
    • Monday:08:00 am - 06:00 pm
    • Tuesday:08:00 am - 06:00 pm
    • Wednesday:08:00 am - 03:00 pm
    • Thursday:08:00 am - 06:00 pm
    • Friday:08:00 am - 06:00 pm
    • Saturday:Closed
    • Sunday:Closed
    Call: (636) 922-3360 ...
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  • Veterinary Dentistry & Dental Surgery

    At Tender Care Animal Hospital our veterinarians provide preventive pet dental health care and dental surgeries for cats and dogs. Request Appointment Comprehensive Dental Care Routine pet dental care is essential for the oral and overall health of cats and dogs, but most pets do not receive the oral hygiene care they require to keep their tee...
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  • Cold Laser Therapy

    At Tender Care Animal Hospital, our veterinarians use cold laser therapy as a non-invasive option for the treatment of painful inflammatory conditions in Weldon Spring cats and dogs. Request Appointment What is Cold Laser Therapy? Cold laser therapy uses a low-intensity laser or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to help relieve pain, stimula...
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  • Senior Pet Care

    Our Weldon Spring veterinarians provide comprehensive geriatric care for senior cats and dogs, ensuring that they remain comfortable and healthy as they age. Request Appointment Geriatric Care for Senior Dogs & Cats Senior pets require routine preventive veterinary care and early diagnosis throughout their golden years to ...
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  • Puppy & Kitten Veterinary Care

    During your puppy or kitten's critical first year of life, our Weldon Spring veterinarians provide guidance, advice, and the highest quality veterinary care. Request Appointment Care for Puppies & Kittens Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is a joyous occasion! Everyone who comes into contact with this adorable, cuddly ne...
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